Star Wars: Rebel Assault II - The Hidden Empire

This is all (most...perhaps a few death cutscenes are left out) of the FMV footage from the Playstation video game Star Wars: Rebel Assault II: The Hidden Empire, with some gameplay footage added to try and avoid obvious gaps.

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UPDATE 31.5.2016:

Added "Easter Eggs, Alternate Endings and Bloopers" video.


After the destruction of the Death Star, Darth Vader has begun developing a new secret weapon for the Galactic Empire. Meanwhile, in the Rebel Alliance, some rumors of "ghost ships" attacking Rebel patrols have spread in the Alliance.

This part of the series contained mostly original filming with actors and stunts, while the scenery and the space scenes were 3D-rendered. According to LucasArts' magazine "The Adventurer", this game was the first media (apart from Caravan of Courage) to incorporate live-action actors and footage in the Star Wars universe since the Return of the Jedi.

In what would foreshadow the filming style of the prequel trilogy, the actors were mainly shot against bluescreens. Most of the environment seen in Rebel Assault II was computer generated; not even the cockpits of the starfighters were constructed sets. Instead, the actors were placed on a bobbing seat-like construct and filmed, while the cockpit (including the proper ship movement) was added in post-production.

The stormtrooper armor, weapons, helmets and suits, and Darth Vader's costume worn by the actors were not made specifically for the game, but were the actual props seen in the original trilogy. They were taken from the archive storage of Lucasfilm Ltd., and worn for the first time in 18 years.

Story era: 
The Rebellion (0 BBY - 5 ABY)
Year released: