Star Wars: Empire at War

Star Wars: Empire at War, (sometimes abbreviated to simply EaW), is a real-time strategy (RTS) game that takes place in the Star Wars universe. Promising to end the perceived mediocrity of past Star Wars RTS games (like Star Wars: Force Commander and Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds), Empire at War started from the ground up.

Currently we have rebel storyline and all versions of ending cutscenes. Missing galactic empire storyline cutscenes.


EaW takes place during the time between Episode III and Episode IV, concluding with the construction and possible destruction of the Death Star. Empire at War features three factions, although only two are playable. These factions are the Rebel Alliance, the Galactic Empire, and the Black Sun (playable with XML modding).

There are two different endings to Empire at War's campaign mode depending on the side the player chooses to fight for. The end of the Rebel campaign closely follows the canonical ending of Episode IV. A cutscene shows Luke Skywalker's X-Wing destroying the Death Star and the award ceremony that follows afterwards. However, this ending should not necessarily be treated as canonical, as the final battle with the Death Star can take place over any planet in the game. Moreover, it is still possible for the Rebellion to "win," even if the Empire destroys other planets besides Alderaan, including Yavin 4.

The end of the Imperial campaign is non-canonical, as it is intended to be more of an "alternate history" in the vein of the Infinities universe. The ending cutscene depicts Darth Vader leading a ground assault on what is presumed to be the main Rebel base, the Rebel defenders are quickly crushed as Vader orders his troops to move in. If the player uses the Death Star in the final battle, the game plays a different cutscene where Moff Tarkin successfully fires the superlaser against the last Rebel world. Afterwards, a shuttle is seen flying to the Death Star, flanked by two TIE Fighters. In a scene reminiscent of the Emperor's arrival in Episode VI, an assembly of Imperial troops is shown waiting in one of the battlestation's hangars for the shuttle to land. As the shuttle deposits its contingent of Royal Guards, the Emperor disembarks, greeted by a kneeling Lord Vader. Palpatine congratulates Vader, claiming that the last Jedi and the Rebellion are defeated, and that it is all as he had foreseen.

Two other non-canon endings can be seen in Galactic Conquest mode. If the Rebels defeat the Empire without destroying the Death Star, or the player loses the game as the Empire, the ending cutscene depicts a pitched space battle over an ecumenopolis, presumably Coruscant. A Rebel fleet closes in on an Imperial Star Destroyer with Darth Vader aboard. As the Imperial defense crumbles, Vader chokes the Star Destroyer's captain for his apparent incompetence and escapes in his TIE Advanced x1 moments before the ship is destroyed. From there, the same award ceremony cutscene follows that was in the campaign ending. Also, if the Empire destroys the last Rebel planet/one with Mon Mothma on it, the battle will be replaced by the Death Star destroying a planet, followed by the Death Star cutscene.

Interesting Facts

  • We found out that Han Solo was former imperial soldier.
  • We learn that Han Solo set free Chewie from imperial prison on Kashyyk.
  • Mon Mothma asked Han Solo to help rebels in some missions, before events of Episode IV.
  • Mon calamari admiral Ackbar was working for Empire closely with Grand Moff Tarkin, before he was being captured by Rebels.
  • Admiral Ackbar told rebels about Death Star.
  • We found out how C3PO and R2D2 ended up in princess Leia ship (same one that will be captured in beginning of Episode IV).
Story era: 
The Rise of the Empire (1,000 BBY - 0 BBY)
The Rebellion (0 BBY - 5 ABY)
Year released: