Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo

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Released for the Nintendo 64 and PC nearly three years after Rogue Squadron, Star Wars: Episode I: Battle for Naboo details the events of Naboo post-occupation by the Trade Federation in 32 BBY. As Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes you attempt to liberate the planet Naboo from Trade Federation forces, using several vehicles and starships including the AAT, STAP, and N-1 starfighter. Intended to be a sequel to Rogue Squadron, the game was made by Factor 5, and in many of aspects was very similar to Rogue Squadron


The game begins during the Fall of Theed, in 32 BBY. and Lieutenant Gavyn Sykes must rescue Captain Kael. They escape out into the countryside and face Trade Federation resistance. They then form alliances and launch an offensive.

Sykes and his resistance group then liberate Naboo slaves, but their ally Borvo the Hutt betrays them. Sykes and his wingmen drive the Hutt from Naboo and then turn their attention back to the Trade Federation occupation.
After Queen Padmé Amidala returned, Sykes joins the diversionary battles and fights to retake the planet. He then joins in the assault against the Vuutun Palaa, the Federation's Droid Control Ship. The destruction of the ship brought freedom to Naboo.
At one point, Sykes chases the Sith Lord Darth Maul on Coruscant and protects a commando raid. There is also a non-canon mission where Darth Maul attacks the Naboo defense forces and civilians.

Story era: 
The Rise of the Empire (1,000 BBY - 0 BBY)
Year released: