Star Wars: X-Wing

Here is intro and all the cutscenes you get at the end of a campaign (or "tour") of Star Wars: X-Wing (1993) (Collectors Edition).


X-Wing is unique in the corpus of Star Wars in that it features many opening crawl texts. Apart from the introductory one, a crawl is seen when the player begins a new tour of duty.

- Tour I Scene 1

The Imperial Fleet is attacking a Rebel Base with AT-AT walkers and Assault Gunboats.

- Tour I Scene 2

The Rebels sneak on board an Imperial Star Destroyer and plant a bomb.

- Tour II Scene 1

The plans for the Death Star are intercepted by a Rebel outpost.

- Tour II Scene 2

The plans for the Death Star are transmitted to the ship containing Princess Leia.

- Tour III Scene 1

The Death Star is completed and destroys the planet used for building ressources.

- Tour III Scene 2

The Death Star destroys the planet Alderaan as a means of terrorizing the galaxy.

- Tour III Scene 3

The Death Star is destroyed by a Rebel attack. The rebels return to Yavin to celebrate.

- Tour IV Scene 1

The Rebels flee from Yavin before the Imperial Fleet can retaliate.

- Tour IV Scene 2

Overlord Ghorin is killed by Darth Vader for giving poison grain to the empire.

- Tour IV Scene 3

Imperial Interdictors are taken from a repair dock to join the main Imperial Fleet.

- Tour IV Scene 4

An unprotected Imperial repair dock is rammed by an unmanned Rebel Corvette.

- Tour V Scene 1

The B-Wing Starfighter is brought on-line by Luke Skywalker and Lt.Farlander.

- Tour V Scene 2

The Rebel Alliance swaps Imperial Probes with Rebel Probes during an evacuation.

- Tour V Scene 3

The Rebellion arrives at Hoth, where a new base for the Rebel Alliance will be built.




Story era: 
The Rebellion (0 BBY - 5 ABY)
Year released: